Sharon Osbourne found herself on the receiving end of a rather nasty surprise yesterday morning (January 17, 2013) when she accidentally set fire to her house after leaving a candle burning. As with many house fires, Sharon hadn’t fallen foul of that most basic of fire safety rules. Do not leave a candle burning when you go to sleep.

Luckily for Sharon, the Beverly Hills Fire Department were on hand to tend to the fire, which thankfully hadn’t spread too far before they reached the property at 4:45am. It’s not clear who else was in the house at the time, but Sharon had a few words of advice for TMZ’s readers, saying “Please everybody always check all the candles lit in the house before going to bed. I didn't, and at 5am this morning I was met with 5 gorgeous men from the BH Fire Department as they put out the fire in my house.” We’re guessing she wasn’t too shaken by the ordeal, if she managed to notice how good looking the firemen were. Sharon had nothing but good words to say about the local fire department and even tweeted a message of thanks, saying “I want to say Thank You to everyone at the Beverly Hills Fire Department for coming to our aid and taking such good care of us this morning.”

Hopefully, this ordeal might distract her for a short while from the feud she’s been having with Lady GaGa. Sharon stepped in to defend her daughter Kelly Osbourne, who has ben receiving insulting messages from Lady Gaga’s fans. Her recent message to Lady Gaga was “don’t let your fans be so hideously damaging, hurtful, violent, spreading violence on your website. If you are a Mother Monster, monitor it.” 

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