Slasher movie You're Next is finally on its way into cinemas after premiering at the Toronto Film Festival two years ago. It made its way through other film festivals and San Diego's Comic-Con, gradually building up an under-the-radar buzz amongst those who'd seen the movie and raved about it.

Sharni Vinson
Sharni Vinson Plays One Of The Victims: Or Does She?

The trailer definitely gives a flavour of other home invasion-type horrors, such as 2008's the strangers - particularly because of the seriously disturbing masks that the murderers wear in each film and apparent disconnection between the killers and their victims. And let's not forget the innocent enough soundtrack - Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day' here - that takes on a more sinister edge as it becomes background noise to a brutal household kill-fest.

However, reviewers are saying that it's the refreshing concept that sets You're Next apart from other recent horrors.

The Davis family, including actresses Sharni Vinson and Wendy Glenn, head out to a remote but opulent forest home for a reunion where the peacefulness is deliberately emphasised. That is, until a crossbow arrows start smashing through the windows, picking off family members one by one. What follows is a chase around the woodland mansion by three killers in animal masks and the realisation - the family have been watched for days. However - and here's the twist - the psychotic axe-men hadn't counted on being hunted themselves.

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Adam Wingard, director of You're Next, has been hailed by Empire as the next Sam Raimi, the director who kicked off his horror career with the low budget, yet successful The Evil Dead, in his team-up with writer Simon Barrett. Empire also compliments the movie for "some genuinely shocking murders," and cryptically says that "Wingard deftly juggles gory horror and black humour, keeping the audience in the dark about the true nature of the home invasion, before dragging them to the final, satisfying conclusion."

Before it's wide release, the film's looking turgid on Rotten Tomatoes with a 90% rating garnered so far. The LA Times lauds the film outright, calling it "offbeat enough to keep even hardened connoisseurs of body-count entertainment on their toes." Whilst filmmaking newcomer Wingard is again praised for his "understanding that answering horrific, seemingly senseless carnage with a second half that reveals a smart, tough, resourceful hero is the shrewdest way to keep an ongoing bloodbath cathartically enjoyable."

Wendy Glenn
Wendy Glenn Plays An Unsuspecting Family Member Trying To Enjoy The Reunion.

Be warned: the film is gory to the max, but not in the 'gore porn' way we've been washed with thanks to films such as Saw and Hostel. Straight's Steve Newton thinks that nevertheless, You're Next takes it too far: "The film's transformation from bleeding-out grim to blender-on-the-head silly is pretty hard to take, and by the middle of its long-winded, climactic confession-spiel even gorehounds may welcome the end."

You'll never look at a child in a tiger mask in the same way again. You're Next is out on 23rd Aug in the USA and 28th Aug in the UK.