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Black Girl, you cant hate your blackness that much, and you cant really be that stupid. So I'm convinced youre probably some racist white pig just talking nonsense, trying to stir the pot. Go away.

Posted 14 years 9 months ago by Yes I Said It

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Blackgirl and Cocoadoll are the most dumbest black woman in the whole world. HOW dare you diss black men like that there are good black men out there you just mess with the wrong ones. I wish black women stop bitching about what a black man has done. Black women cause alot of problems too. Black women only go to white men only becuase of money. Black women are gooddiggers. Not all black women are like that. And both of you bitches have the nerve to dislike your own race and wish they don't exist people like you are going straight to hell. I feel sorry for black people like you. Thinking the dating white men are better than black men white men are just as bad. If you think black men are so bad why didn't any one of them ask to marry your BLack Monkey ass bitch I hate black women like you women who down black men as well as themselves must be real mierable and they must don't like there own family. f**king losers. Black women who disrepect there own race and black men in general make me sick

Posted 14 years 10 months ago by anthoniemorales

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I think that girl izzy21 need 2 hold her mouth!! about she dissing shar. i like shar and her kids are beautyful and so what if she got four kids.Britney is a hoe! she cheated on justin wit many men! Then she went wit kevin federline while he was with pregant shar jackson. And you know what what GO'S AROUND COME AROUND KARMER!

Posted 15 years 8 months ago by CHANEL

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It is pretty obvious to anyone with any intelligence that all of you speak English like trailer trash. The only one out of all of you that sounds like she/he passed fifth grade is izzy.

Posted 15 years 9 months ago by rhondajo

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OMG did I just read what I saw...Im black my boyfriend is white and we have been together for big deal but the chick who just sat there and said that she does not like black men is such a dumb ass. Why would you put your own race down? There is something seriouly wrong with you. I dont care what race I prefer..I would never say one race is better or worse than another. You need to re-evaluate your mind and come correct. Ok and now on the the Brit-Kev thingy...OMG she is looking a mess..I feel sorry for her, she has 2 kids and a man without a job..I wish them the best, and hopes she opens her eyes to the whole situation..

Posted 16 years 6 days ago by Daltexbabiegirl

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Leave Shar alone.So what if she likes white men? I'm black, and so do I. There are a lot of stereotypes about black women dating white men. They say we do it for the money. Yeah right! I'd rather date a poor white guy than ever date a rich black man. Why do black girls even like black men? They're all the same (unless they're multiracial). Plus white guys are so much smarter and better. Kevin Fed. would not be my choice (i'm more of a blonde haired type) but who cares, at least he's not some black thug. I wish that more black girls would date white guys and have children by them then maybe one day the whole black race would cease to exist.

Posted 16 years 2 weeks ago by Black Girl

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wellllllll well!!! i see people want to talk well lets do the damn thang. First let me thank those of you who keep it real and support my sister. much love keep it up we may be able to kick all the haters off this board. Anyway how is it that if a person has a kid or two or three or even four they have to be a slut?? aint that a [email protected]#*h i see cuz keven is white its a problem thats B.S broke ass Black dudes do the same you dont have to marry somebody because you have kids i can see if my sister was with him for a few mths but dame over 6yrs before he left to be with that other female. and surely it dont make a person a bad mom my nieces and nephews are very well taken care of and raised with values so dont speak on them if it isnt with positivity dont think that my sis got to prove any thing she doing her so all you haters do you and get off her Titties Now im her sister so if you want to step step because i'm not a star i can get ghetto and i have three kids and i'm not married so now what???? HOLLA

Posted 16 years 1 month ago by shars big sis

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I think it takes a strong person to deal with all the B.S. and drama ass for that one hater whos says she sold out and act like he can judge is the a straight punk and who he gone call a Bytchhhhhhh??? my sis is far from that and she was raised right just because you date another race dont make you bad im sure your DIRTY A** be dipping to so if toy fee your that extreme then you step to the Big Sis of Shar and i'll enjoy breaking you down little boy and make change off you 5.00 dollar A** ****NOW HOW EXTREME IS THAT***SIGNED KEEPING IT REAL IN THE FAMILY

Posted 16 years 1 month ago by shars big sis

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I gots no respect for any sister that would date a nasty dog smelling son of a slaver. You aint no sister, you misrepresenting. How could you disrespect yo-self on national television, and whats more going let them white women make an azz out of you. Your done, finished in the black community, Gonna Boycott your album, and any Hollywood mess you put out. Your worse than that sell-out Halle Berry-ho. Aint no one in the black community feeling you hollywood Housen****rs anyway. Plantation ho!! Going on nationwide television talking about how ya moma raised you right, Byatch please. letting a whiteboy stick his nast pink s**t in you. Would'nt no real brother bring you home to moma

Posted 16 years 5 months ago by BrotherMan Extreme

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It does not take rocket science to know that Kevin only married Britney for her money. Trust that he still wants Shar. Britney is now trying to have another baby by Kevin just to compete with Shar. Britney listen up, once you go black you cannot stay back. Im sure Kevin misses that black Shar looks way better than Britney. Shar can do better and she will. Britney listen up, you dont really have Kevins heart.

Posted 16 years 6 months ago by laland69

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I love how everyone is quick to call Britney a hoe who IS married with a baby but ignore the fact that Shar not only had one but TWO kids out of wedlock with Kevin's broke ass. Add to the fact that she has two OTHER kids from a previous relationship and I think its not Britney people should be worried about and calling a hoe. I mean you add FOUR kids and ZERO marriages and you get one NASTY SLUT!

Posted 16 years 7 months ago by izzy21

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Two-bit white man loving stink hoe……that what she get for going with trailer trash like punk Kevin……Now she running around with some white trash…Too funny,what a LOSER!!!

Posted 16 years 11 months ago by ythetruth

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As far as I am concerned. Shar isn't missing out on anything. she saving herself money. Let him freeload off of britneys stupid behind. I mean come on hes a freaking dancer. Who wants a man who can dance better the them? I believe the only reason he had a baby with britney is so that he would always be able to mooch off britney. He still dont have a job. If he does its probably because of Britney. Obviously Shar has moved on to bigger and better things. She has her a Surgeon on her time. Now that's what Im talking bout!!! I bet with every ounce of my soul Britney don't like Shar little girl, and I also believe she got pregnant to rub the whole situation in Shars face. But its okay because everybody could just look at Britney and tell she's been around the block...a couple times. Jackie

Posted 17 years 4 weeks ago by Jackieredinjax

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