Buying a $235k house seems normal, right? But when Shaq buys a $235K house, it's almost worth calling a state of emergency. Something must be wrong. Why is the one of the most recognizable sports stars on the planet - a man worth some $250 million - buying a regular house for just $235k?

Ok, so it's still a solid amount to splash on a home, but not for Shaq, who currently lives in an 11-bedroom, 13-bath mansion outside Orlando, which includes a 20,000-aquare-foot basketball court and a deluxe garage full of sports cars. It even featured on MTV Cribs and remains one of the most impressive properties to grace the show. However, according to, the basketball star has laid down $235k on a very normal 3,900 square foot place in Mount Dora, Florida. At the moment, it's unclear why the former LA Lakers man has bought the house, though it boasts five bedrooms, four bathrooms, an entertainment room and granite counter tops. Still pretty swanky.

There's still no comment from Shaq's people, though it's likely that he's snapped up the property for investment or business purposes. One of his many ventures includes real-estate development projects aimed at assisting Orlando homeowners facing foreclosure.