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Muslim make up your mind. 1st you want to insult Shannen and now you want her to help you. Are you serious? Actors are entertainers it is what it is. Until you have walked in someone's shoes you can not judge. The media never tell the whole story.Oh yeah, the word I should always be capitalized.

Posted 13 years 5 months ago by 90210 Fan

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shannen has her on style, and additude, I like her hair style. my guess she like to put her own style into her character. we may not understand why. but she does I bet.. Tammie..

Posted 15 years 5 months ago by covergirl64

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Well 12 year old boy, calling Shannen pr.. won't help top ease your people image, I'd say it makes it worse. You don't know her so how can you speak so bad about her.. because of all you0ve read? then don't complain about "false images".

Posted 15 years 7 months ago by Faignech

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I think Shannen Doherty should wake up and smell the air. She is a prostitute and is a rude person from what i have seen. She shows no respect for herself nor for her viewers or fans. I myself liked most of her episodes from the television series Charmed. But as she already belives in God (from what i have read) i am telling you Shannen that car crash was a warning. You don't have to listen to me ask anyone but i am telling you it is a wake up call. But you don't have to listen to me but listen to your instincts, after all i am a 12 year old!! But i get teased alot because i am an arab here in Britain, they think that i am an idiot because i wear a head scarf. I have been threatened and bullied but that doesn't change me. I have had rocks thrown at me and i have been slapped and hit. So i need your help. I need you to at least help all those muslims out there. I am even crying while i am writing this!We muslims are suffering racism out there and i have tried to ask many celebrities to at least give a statement that we are not terrorists, please help. Please make sure Shannen reads this!! I need her help as all muslims do need everyone's help!!!! I believe in you Shannen!

Posted 15 years 11 months ago by Muslim

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