The singer was performing her hit That Don't Impress Me Much when a blackout was triggered by an underground blast in downtown L.A. just a few blocks from the venue.

Twain stopped the show and chatted to fans in the audience while waiting for her team to locate a secondary power source, and she restarted the song after the crew managed to get the equipment working again.

After the gig, she wrote in a post on, "We had so much fun in L.A. that we blew the power out! We came back up within minutes and kept rocking."

A message posted on the Staples Center's page adds, "Power outages Don't Impress Shania Twain Much and she definitely rocked Downtown LA tonight!... You rocked it tonight & were a true pro (professional) Shania Twain! Thank you!"

Four people were hurt in the explosion, which was reportedly triggered by a building generator, but firefighters were able to successfully put out the blaze.