Shania Twain is hoping to record music with Harry Styles .

The music veteran previously teamed up with the former 'One Direction' star on stage during one of his sets at the Coachella music festival in California in April - belting out her hits 'Man! I Feel Like a Woman!' and 'You're Still the One' - and Shania has now admitted she's hoping to take their collaboration to the studio.

Speaking to 'Extra', she explained: "Not on the [my] new album, but in the future, I would say yes. I'm going to hold Harry to that. I think we surprised each other [with] how natural it was [at Coachella]. So, I do plan on doing that [recording with him]."

Shania's next studio album is due for release next year and she's currently promoting her new single 'Waking Up Dreaming'.

Speaking of her video for the new single, she added: "It's very, very up and very dance, poppy, rocky, edgy. I had so much fun with the fashion, the most fun I've had."

Shania recently opened up about her experience performing with Harry at Coachella during an appearance on the 'Table Manners with Jessie and Lennie Ware' podcast.

She said: "He smells so good, he's so huggable. Yes, he is. "He's just a really genuine, nice person. And I think that's really, I mean, obviously, he's very talented. But people love him. "He's likeable. And I think he earned that likability ... It was a beautiful moment. It really was. I enjoyed it a lot. It was very genuine."