Shania Twain doesn't let anyone ''dictate'' what she should look like.

The 'Man! I Feel Like A Woman' hitmaker has said she ''feels strongly about self-expression'', and refuses to let other people tell her how she should and shouldn't dress.

Whilst interviewing Donna Missal for Interview magazine, she said: ''I, myself, feel so strongly about self-expression - it has to come from you. You can't let anybody else dictate what you should look like, what you should sound like.

''I remember that when I came out, I wasn't thinking about what was acceptable, I didn't even think that anything I was doing was unacceptable. I was criticised for being too sexy, or the beauty and fashion overshadowing the music.''

Meanwhile, the 54-year-old singer recently said she isn't worried about ageing, as she says trying to stop herself from looking older was ''taking up too much space'' in her life that she could have been using for her career.

She explained: ''For me personally, I'm sure it's very different for everybody, but I just started with time. Stepping out of battles that I couldn't win. I mean, you know, ageing is a battle you can't win.

''That battle and the focus and energy it takes, is taking up too much space! In my life, my emotional state, my mental state. I've got songs to write. I'm not gonna sit around.''

Shania says she would rather ''dream about songs'' than spend too much time worrying about her looks.

The 'That Don't Impress Me Much' hitmaker - who relaunched her music career in 2017 - added: ''I'd rather dream about songs or dream about other things I want to do in my life, and I want to just daydream. I want to fantasise and enjoy what I do have and just, like, forget about the stuff I can't change, or that I can't have. So, I think it's a waste of time and energy to worry about trying to slow my ageing process down.

''I'm just going to be healthy and I'm so much more accepting now of the way I look, you know, with and without clothes.''