Shaggy can't smoke marijuana like Sean Paul.

The 'It Wasn't Me' hitmaker and his fellow Jamaican singer are friends and collaborated on the track 'Hey Sexy Lady', but Shaggy wouldn't want to smoke marijuana with Paul because he ''takes it to the next level.''

Shaggy exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I have grown up with members of my family using marijuana, it has become part of our lives and part of our culture, so, you know I'm a little more lenient to it than most people.

''I have been known to smoke it, but nothing like Sean Paul, he takes it to that next level, you know. But he has asthma now, so he can't smoke like that anymore.''

Sean has previously revealed he now strains the drug into his tea, in order to protect his voice and lungs from smoke.

Shaggy's real name is Orville Burrell but he says everybody calls him either by his nickname, or after one of his hits wherever he goes.

He said: ''I get called everything from 'Mr Boombastic' to 'Mr Lover Lover' to 'Mr It Wasn't Me'. It's whatever is hot at that point. Shaggy was a nickname before it was ever a stage name. I have no problem with it.''

Referring to the British slang word shag - which means to have sex - he added: ''When I came to England and I was 'shag me', yeah I was really good with that.''

Shaggy is performing as part of the Respect Jamaica 50 series of shows at London's Indigo2 at The O2, which takes place every night from now until August 6th with performances from Jamaican legends including Jimmy Cliff, Toots And The Maytals, Horace Andy and Morgan Heritage. Shaggy will perform on August 5. For more information and tickets, visit