Review of Clothesdrop Album by Shaggy

Shaggy, 'Clothesdrop' Album review

Shaggy is a superstar in his own right having created classic tracks that we've all heard and danced to. From the days of 'Boombastic' through to recent tracks like 'It Wasn't Me'. So Shaggy returns with 'Clothesdrop' a new album. It's packed with that Jamaican vibe that has dancehall beats, pop sensibility on some tracks and artists such as Natasha Watkins, Nicole Scherzinger, Rik Rok, Brian 'Gold' Thompson and will-i-am from Black Eyed Peas. It's got such a warm and happy vibe to this album. It also has edgy bouncy beats to make you bump and grind yet there's catchy elements too to lock you in. There's 'Wild 2nite' his recent single that you may be familiar with and a really infectious track 'Don't Ask Her That' that even has hip-hop elements there.

Overall it's a really fun album that doesn't really have any bad tracks. It's more of Shaggy doing what he does best and if you don't mind the pop element makes for refreshing listening.

Tareck Ghoneim