Former Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones equipped his first group with items he'd stolen from Rod Stewart and David Bowie, but regrets not thieving Genesis' gear. The GOD SAVE THE QUEEN rocker former a group with Pistols bandmate Paul Cook in the early 1970s but had no money for guitars and equipment - so he'd steal it from tour buses, backstages and even celebrity homes. In a new Playboy interview, Jones confesses he stole a drumkit from a BBC recording studio and two guitars from Stewart's home. He also pinched a fur coat from Ronnie Wood's house and one of Keith Richards' televisions. But his biggest prize came from the stage of one of Bowie's London shows, when, posing as a crew member, he swiped all of Bowie's microphones. But he regrets not taking equipment belonging to Genesis when he had the chance. He recalls, "I saw them once, at this place called the Surrey Rooms in London, when I was like 15, and I had an opportunity to steal all their guitars. "I thought, 'No, I'll watch them first, 'cause I might like them...' I regret not stealing their guitars."