Sex And The City writer/director MICHAEL PATRICK KING has delighted British fans by announcing plans to take the hit franchise to London.
Leading ladies Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis leave their Manhattan mainstay to travel through the United Arab Emirates in the new sequel, released earlier this month (May10).
King has not confirmed plans for a third instalment but admits he'd love to film scenes in the British capital for another big screen outing.
He tells Britain's Sunday Mirror, "We will come to the U.K., I promise. If this film does well, then London is definitely the venue for us. At one point Carrie was going to move (abroad) for a work assignment anyway.
"We all see it as our spiritual home for the show. The support from the fans has been wild and we'd love to come here and film. Obviously we'll have to see how we do this time around, but I'm hoping the third will happen."