Alice Eve was scared about appearing in 'Sex And The City 2'.

The 28-year-old actress - who plays Irish nanny Erin in the second movie in the romantic comedy franchise - admits she was nervous about appearing in the film, but confessed the set was among the "smoothest" she had worked on.

She said: "It was crazy for me to be in that movie.

It's like 'The Godfather' for women! But it was all so slick, easily one of the smoothest sets I have been on, like a well oiled machine... aside from the screaming toddlers."

Discussing the film's lead actress Sarah Jessica Parker, Alice claims she was a pleasure to work with.

She said: "She's absurdly nice, shockingly nice."

Alice - the daughter of Trevor Eve - can now been seen in 'She's Out of My League' playing Molly, and she confesses shooting the film in Pittsburgh was fun for her and fellow cast members including Jay Baruchel and Mike Vogel.

She told Empire magazine: "Everyone was in their mid-twenties. We ran around like teenagers, like we thought we were 16. We had a really good time."