A third 'Sex and the City' film may be in the works.

Seth Rudetsky, who recently starred with Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick in a play in Massachusetts, has revealed she openly discussed the possibility of making another movie.

He said: ''She told us that there may be a project coming up involving all the ladies.

''I'll tell you who it probably won't involve: me. I auditioned for the first movie and decidedly did not get cast. I'll also tell you, however, whom it might involve: my mother! She auditioned for the film and got a callback.''

What's more, he admitted the 50-year-old actress actually had to be convinced to fulfill her contract with the show after making the pilot.

He told Playbill.com: ''[Sarah Jessica] was reluctant to do the pilot because she didn't really want to do a series.

''However, she loved the script, so she filmed it and then forgot about it. Months later she found out the show was picked up and she completely wanted to get out of it. I mean, completely.

''She really didn't want to be tied down to one job because she loved going from gig to gig and being, what she called, a 'journeyman.'

''She tried various ways to get out of it including telling HBO that she would film three projects for free if they'd release her from her contract!''