Seth Rogen had a car accident on his first date with Lauren Miller.

The 31-year-old actor - who married actress and author Lauren, 30, 18 months ago - won over the pretty brunette from the first time they met seven years ago on the 'Da Ali G Show' but Lauren admits their first date didn't go according to plan.

Lauren told Us Weekly: ''Even our first date was exciting. We played mini golf and then got into a hit and run accident on the freeway. When I got out of the car I hugged him, I needed to hold on to something.

Lauren believes one of the reasons for their strong relationship is that she and Seth became a couple before he found fame in Hollywood.

Speaking about the '50/50' actor, she said: ''We were together before any of his big movies happened so I've learned from him just to be who you are and take life as it comes.''

While their first date was a slight disaster, Seth didn't fare much better when it came to his proposal as he was so nervous after he bought the engagement ring he popped the question immediately, while she was getting dressed.

He previously explained: ''She was in our closet changing, and she was literally only in her underpants, and her boobs were out. I'd already kind of started, and I was like 'Oh man, her boobs are out! That's not part of the plan!' I didn't picture it like this, and I know she didn't picture it like this. No little girl is like, 'It'll happen in a closet with my t**s out.'''

But Seth had already gone too far and so he continued with his proposal because he ''figured the only appropriate thing was to place the ring on her nipple''.