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Smith's New Success Is Down To Rogen's Weed Diet

Filmmaker KEVIN SMITH has credited actor SETH ROGEN - and a newfound love of marijuana - with pulling him out of a creative downturn.The Clerks director was uninspired and unsure where his career was headed...

Celebs Team Up For Alzheimer's Awareness

BRADLEY COOPER and SETH ROGEN have joined a host of stars to front a new Alzheimer's awareness campaign.Frasier star David Hyde Pierce and actress Melina Kanakaredes are also taking part in the Who Wears Purple...

Rogen Fires Back At Knocked Up Co-star

Funnyman SETH ROGEN has taken aim at his KNOCKED UP co-star KATHERINE HEIGL over her suggestions the pregnancy comedy was a little sexist.Rogen and Knocked Up director Judd Apatow have never commented about Heigl's Vanity...

Vardalos Fires Off At 'Fat-ist' Hollywood

Actress NIA VARDALOS has fired off at Hollywood executives who greenlight film romances featuring "fat" RUSSELL CROWE and SETH ROGEN and then poke fun at her for finding love with hunks on the big screen.The...

Rogen And Apatow Battled Over Movie's Marijuana Message

PINEAPPLE EXPRESS co-creators SETH ROGEN and JUDD APATOW clashed while writing the upcoming stoner comedy - because they couldn't agree how to promote marijuana in the movie. Rogen and James Franco play two drug-users on...

Rogen: 'Connery Love Scene Tip Didn't Work For Me'

Actor SETH ROGEN was so nervous about filming a sex scene with co-star KATHERINE HEIGL in new movie Knocked Up, he decided to take some ill-advised advice from screen legend SIR SEAN CONNERY. Rogen picked...

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