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18th June 2015

Quote: "Jokingly I was just like, 'How are you going to incorporate me into the film, how's it going to make any sense'. It was a joke, and then he called me up months and months later and he's like, 'We don't really have a script, but what are you doing in June?'" Actress Amanda Seyfried was cast in TED 2 after joking about appearing in the film with director Seth Macfarlane.

4th December 2014

Quote: "It does interest me, it's always a time thing. It's a year or two of your life, there's no shortcuts, you got to do it and get it right. I'd love to write a musical at some point." Seth Macfarlane is keen to take his talents to the Broadway stage.

6th November 2014

Fact: Comedian Seth Macfarlane tested his singing skills by covering Frank Sinatra classics during a karaoke session at a piano bar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin over the weekend (01-02Nov14). Footage obtained by shows him attempting Sinatra's Luck Be a Lady and swearing when he forgets the lyrics.

21st July 2014

Fact: Actor Hank Azaria has been cast to voice the lead role in Seth Macfarlane's upcoming animated Tv series, Bordertown.

21st May 2014

Quote: "There was a night where we were trying to shoot a scene... but the storm just kept coming in and it started pouring down rain. I wear a wig in this film and I'm in my trailer trying to get the wig (off)... and Seth is just taking his clothes off, getting in his car and driving back to the hotel. I get this text from Seth and it's like, 'Get in your car right now, the road is washing away', and I'm like, 'I'm going to die on a comedy'." Charlize Theron and Seth Macfarlane had to battle hot and cold temperatures, flash floods, heavy winds and lightning storms while shooting new western comedy A Million Ways To Die In The West.

17th December 2013

Fact: Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane has resurrected talking family pet Brian the Dog from the dead, just weeks after the wise-cracking cartoon character was seemingly killed off in the Life of Brian episode, which aired in the U.S. on 24 November (13). The pooch, aka Brian Griffin, re-appeared in Sunday's (15Dec13) show after baby Stewie fixed his time machine and used it to change the sequence of events which led to his furry friend from being run over by a car.

25th November 2013

Fact: Family Guy fans were left stunned on Sunday (24Nov13) by the death of key character Brian the Dog, who was voiced by the show's creator Seth Macfarlane. At the end of the episode, titled Life Of Brian, the family replace their dead pet with a new dog named Vinnie, who is voiced by The Sopranos actor Tony Sirico.

26th February 2013

Tweet: "No way. Lotta fun to have done it, though." Seth Macfarlane replying to a fan who asked if he would consider hosting the Oscars again.

22nd February 2013

Quote: "How much more is there to find out about these characters? You don’t want to start concocting things like, 'What if Pete finds out he’s half Chinese?' I’ve never heard of a Tv show that after nine seasons goes into its best years. It would be arrogant to assume that we’ll be the first." Oscars host Seth Macfarlane considers ending his hit cartoon comedy show Family Guy.

11th January 2013

Quote: "Nothing official yet. Everybody involved would like to do it, but it has not been officially signed off on yet. But it's very promising." Funnyman Seth Macfarlane is considering a sequel to his hit comedy Ted.

11th January 2013

Quote: "I think we kind of slipped that in at the last minute. We kind of forgot we were on Tv, and one thing led to another, and now it's too late!" Oscars host Seth Macfarlane on his questionable Adolf Hitler gag at the Academy Awards nominations announcement ceremony on Thursday morning (10Jan13). The funnyman quipped, "I read (nominated film) Amour was co-produced in Austria and Germany. The last time Austria and Germany got together and co-produced something it was Hitler, but this is much better - highly recommended."

10th January 2013

Fact: Oscars host Seth Macfarlane could be celebrating an Academy Awards win at the ceremony next month (Feb12) - he co-wrote Ted track Everybody Needs a Best Friend, which has been nominated in the Best Song category.

3rd December 2012

Fact: Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane will voice a character in the upcoming season premiere of The Simpsons.

17th October 2012

Quote: "It's about finding that balance between doing what I do but acknowledging that this is the Academy Awards... There's a moment on (cartoon series) Family Guy that's just Gene Kelly dancing with Stewie - that's what we have to achieve, a dance between the traditional and the new." Oscars host Seth Macfarlane on his plans to balance naughty humour and sophisticated banter at the 2013 Academy Awards.

14th June 2012

Fact: Family Guy mastermind Seth Macfarlane has signed up to sing at the 2012 Bbc Proms. The writer/actor will perform with the John Wilson Orchestra at London's Royal Albert Hall on 27 August (12) as part of the annual classical music event.

27th October 2010

Fact: Mark Wahlberg is set to play a man trying to escape his favourite childhood toy - a talking teddy bear. The actor will team up with Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane for new comedy TED.

10th October 2008

Fact: Seth Macfarlane's hit U.S. show Family Guy is headed to the New York stage next month (24-25Nov08) - an adaptation of the animated comedy will be shown at the city's famed Carnegie Hall, featuring uncensored episodes and never-before-seen musical numbers where the cast will be accompanied by a 40-piece orchestra.

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