Some things are meant to be mixed together, even if it sounds like a shocking idea to begin with. Think peanut butter and jelly, labradors and poodles, chocolate milk and salt…all great combinations that magically enhance each other, even though your initial gut instinct may warn you against them. However, a Simpsons/Family Guy combo?

The Simpsons Family Guy Crossover EpisodeThe Simpsons and the Griffins definitely won't all fit on the famous sofa

Word on the street is that an hour long episode, combining the two cartoons, is set to air this September. In the crossover episode, titled ‘The Simpsons Guy’, the Griffin family will travel to Springfield, where they become acquainted with the Simpson family. While Stewie and Bart bond over skateboards (and mischief, no doubt), Meg and Lisa will also become pals. Disgruntled wives Lois and Marge vow to abandon their household responsibilities (Thelma and Louise style, perhaps?) as their husbands initially make friends before, predictably, clashing.

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Peter and Homer are just far too alike to ever be friends, in fact, the whole Family Guy premise is really a rejigged and more risque version of the long-running The Simpsons. The drunken, grumpy but ultimately loveable husband, the long-suffering wife, the 2 older children and a baby. The Simpsons practically provided Family Guy with its framework.

The Simpsons recently recorded their lowest rating since the show began back in 1989. After announcing they were planning a “Yellow Wedding” episode, in which a character would be killed off, this seems to be the show’s second hasty attempt to pull in the figures. But is a Family Guy/Simpsons crossover wise? Fox seem to believe that “generations of fans will be talking about [this episode],” although it just seems all to desperate and contrived for it to really work.

The shows are such separate entities, loved for their similarities and their differences, although neither were designed to be simultaneously combined. It’s interesting that Fox wants to pull in the fan bases from both shows. The network seems to recognise that there is a certain generation gap between the two audiences. Family Guy is less family friendly, drawing in a modern audience more accepting of the crude jokes that have become typical of the show. Whereas The Simpsons, now as always, is cleverly layered, as funny to a 3 year old as it is to an adult, but ultimately it is a family show.

The Simpsons Family Guy Crossover EpisodeWill Stewie plan to kill Lois with Bart's skateboard?

What will be the dynamic of seeing these characters together all at once, will it be a mishmash of incongruous personalities and plots? We’re just not sure.

Do you think a Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode has the potential to work, or is this one that should have ended up on the cutting room floor?

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