Now definitely one of the world's favourite teddy bears, Ted is back for another round of crude jokes, raucous partying and a whole load of trouble with his best friend John in Seth Macfarlane's highly anticipated sequel 'Ted 2'.

Mark Wahlberg and Ted in Ted 2
The dubious duo are back with more hijinks

We never thought it would happen but Ted has finally tied the knot to his busty blonde long time girlfriend Tami-Lynn, in a wonderful ceremony surrounded by friends and locals who are, by now, totally unperturbed about having a talking bear living amongst them. Ted wants to go that step further, however, and bring up a child of his own; the only problem is he needs a donor because... well, he's a bear.

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And that's where his ever faithful childhood buddy comes in; John Bennett is happy enough to be Ted's sperm donor and attends the Boston Fertility Clinic with him. However, it soon turns out that in order to have a child legally, Ted has to prove that he is indeed a person, which takes the pair to the courtroom alongside their legal advisor Sam L. Jackson to protest for Ted's civil rights as a member of the community. We're glad to see this party-hard, stoner, ladykiller bear has turned his life around, but we doubt this court case will be smooth sailing.

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Jessica Barth and Ted in Ted 2
Ted has to prove he has a soul

Writer and director Seth MacFarlane returns, of course, as the voice of Ted (as much as we're tempted to say Peter Griffin), as does his onscreen sidekick Mark Wahlberg and lover Jessica Barth. Unfortunately, Mila Kunis does not appear in 'Ted 2', but we instead see Amanda Seyfried as Samantha Jackson alongside appearances from Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman. Another cameo from 'Flash Gordon' legend Sam Jones is also something to look forward to.

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Amanda Seyfried in Ted 2
Sam L. Jackson doesn't get the humour

With 2012's 'Ted' having been nominated for an Oscar, we're expecting great things from this undoubtedly hilarious follow-up. It is set to hit movie theatres on June 26th 2015.

Ted in Ted 2
Ted is now a happily married bear

Jessica Barth and Ted marry in Ted 2
Wedding bells are ringing in Ted 2