You know you’ve made it as a star when you’ve got Seth Macfarlane doing an impression of you on long-running US comedy TV sketch show Saturday Night Live, and that’s exactly what happened to the new golden boy of American swimming as Ryan Lochte saw himself roundly roasted by the Family Guy and Ted creator. Macfarlane roundly mocked Lochte by acting as though any activities out of water were too complex for the swimmer, including naming television shows or pronouncing simple words and phrases.

According to Celebuzz however, Lochte has taken the skit well, telling the site “Well I gotta admit that was a pretty harsh one, but it’s cool to have Seth parody me. I think he pegged me wrong, but when I heard he did a skit I knew I was in for it!” The athlete added “It’s all in fun and of course if I’m talked about on SNL I know they are gonna get me ‘Go-od.’”

In other related news, TMZ is reporting that Macfarlane’s Ted might be due a sequel after the runaway success of the first film at the box office this summer. It took over $400 million worldwide, and when the entertainment site caught up with Macfarlane, he admitted “we’re thinking about it” with regards following it up.