They say that all publicity is good publicity, right? Though it has to be said, if Seth Macfarlane happens to be self-googling this morning, he will probably be questioning why they say that and whether it holds any truth at all. After Macfarlane shut the lid on his controversial Oscars hosting stint, the dust is still a long way from settling.

Macfarlane’s management of his hosting role resulted in him offending pretty much every minority group going, particularly women and Jews (and especially Jewish women, we expect). And judging by New York Times’ report on the matter, even the white middle-class males that for the leftover majority managed to be offended on behalf of and out of sympathy for everyone that was already offended. Academy member Lawrence Turman remarked “I think I’m a very liberal guy, but I actually winced.” Jewish groups have labeled the Family Guy creator as “offensive, unfunny and inappropriate,” the Daily Mail report, after his Ted alter-ego told Mark Wahlberg that he had to be Jewish if he wanted to work in Hollywood.

He also took a pop at Adele’s weight, Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship and a whole bunch of female Hollywood actresses, including Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron, for daring to take their clothes off in movies. It’s not looking good for Macfarlane, who appears to have offended everyone in sight, if the headlines are to be believed (and the paragraphs after the headlines, containing all the evidence…) but hey, at least the ratings were up, eh, Seth!? That’s the main thing, right? 

Seth Macfarlane

'It wasn't me, it was him!' Perhaps Seth Macfarlane could blame Ted for those offensive remarks...?