Review of Poor Man's Heaven Album by Seth Lakeman

Album review of 'Poor Man's Heaven' by Seth Lakemen.

Seth Lakeman Poor Man's Heaven Album

The following of Seth Lakeman always look at mainstream reviews of his new music somewhat wary of what misunderstood dribble is going to be written. You would be forgiven that a few people out there don't get him, but when you take a step back forget your own montage of music that you like and look at the simple fact that in his genre, Seth Lakeman is a very successful artist.

It is magic number three for Seth Lakeman (solo) with the release of 'Poor Man's Heaven' and the one thing that you can say about Seth Lakeman is that he has stuck with his principles, kept his feet on the ground and just carried on doing what he does best. It could of been so easy for him to look at the likes of Jack Johnson, James Blunt and James Blunt and thought if he introduced a bit more of a pop sound to his music then he might get accolades like these. All respect to the man, he is folk-country through and through and has not sold himself out, and for that alone you have to give the guy some credit.

There is no doubt that in the shape of this third album Seth has stayed in his comfort zone, but why change something if it is not broken? It's not as if he is keeping things simple, he doesn't just have drums and guitars in his songs, oh no! There is much more like the violin, tenor guitar, banjo and the viola and that's just for starters.

In short this is a typical Seth Lakeman record and springs into action with 'The Hurlers' and once the first couple of chords are played you are hooked and in 'Lakeman' mode. Through his music Lakeman gives you sense that this was all done with ease and you just know that he is a natural at songwriting and putting it all together. 'Crimson Dawn' sounds effortless, yet you can't find a fault with the song.

The only downside is that everything does sound too alike and if he had just thrown a few tracks that had a bit more to them, then maybe this would most defiantly of been the magic third album. Lets face it though, you can't have everything!


Mark Moore

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