Seth Green has attempted to clear up confusion surrounding his voiceover for the new Disney movie 'Mars Needs Moms'.
Seth Green, the American actor and star of 'The Italian Job' and 'Austin Powers', has explained his absence from the new animated movie 'Mars Needs Moms', despite being billed as the movie's main star, reports the Toronto Sun.Green was given 'top billing' on the film's promotional posters, but had his voiceover removed from the final version. The actor had played the part of lead character 'Milo' but studio bosses eventually decided against using his vocals because "he sounded too mature". The child star Seth Dusky was brought in to voice the part instead. Fans of Green were confused as to why the actor was still given credit on promotional material, so the actor took to his Facebook page to clear things up. He said, "The movie was made in the same way that Avatar and A Christmas Carol were, through performance capture filmmaking. The other actors and I performed the entire movie in skin-tight velcro suits in a massive empty volume with hundreds of cameras recording our digital information", adding, "Since I'm a 37-year-old man playing a 9-year-old boy, it was always expected we'd get a real kid to re-record (my character) Milo's dialogue, and that's what we did".
The 3D movie follows the story of 'Milo', originally voiced by Seth Green, who begins to realise how much he relies on his mother after she is kidnapped by Martians. The film took a disappointing $6,800,000 at the box-office during its opening weekend.