Review of This Will Be The Death Of Us Album by Set Your Goals

Review of This Will Be The Death Of Us Album from Set Your Goals.

Set Your Goals This Will Be The Death Of Us Album

Named after CIV's debut record, this San Francisco outfit formed in 2004 and now release their second album. They are on an extensive tour of North America until mid-November, followed by a short break and then European dates.

Two styles are very evident across 'This Will Be The Death Of Us', which begins with the thrash-metal title track of the same name. Reminiscent of The Offspring's early work, it is breathless but doesn't take your breath away and is listenable without being seducing. Along with 'Like You To Me' and 'The Fallen.' it is likely to create some energy in the mosh pit though.

The band's other audio taste owes to the likes of Blink 182, punk-rock frat anthems such as the bouncy 'Look Closer' which will delight teens, but are hardly innovating. Again these tracks will get a live audience sweaty, and on 'The few That Remain' the band does at least convey an admirable swagger which is given a touch of glamour by the appearance of Paramore's Hayley Williams.

It has to be noted that the record does get somewhat monotonous toward the last few numbers, while the acoustic instrumental that is 'Arrival Notes' has got to be one of the most ill-fitting minutes of music ever placed on an album. Still, it won't stop the band finding their fanbase, but it's also safe to predict they won't become global superstars.

Alex Lai