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Serena is a 100% woman with everything going for her.Love her immensely, on and off the Courts

Posted 12 years 5 months ago by Patricia Calhoun

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i want serena williams used panty and bra.kindly send them. i want to masturbate them with my pennis

Posted 12 years 11 months ago by murali mohan

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Hello Serena, You are my favorite tennis player andI would travel all over the world to see you play!My first time seeing you in person was at the US Open year before last. You probably heard me cheering for you while you were playing. I was so excited to see you and your family that day. Ifollow you and Venus on T.V. every time you play. Ihope to make it to some of the Grand Slams when youare there. I love the way you make up your mind that you're going to win, and you make it happen!You've got a lot of heart, you keep focused, and youlet no one deter you from your goal. I like that!I admire how you venture out into other aspects oflife and are successful! I would love to see your new clothesline, I'm sure it's fabulous! Continuebeing you! A fan, Lydia

Posted 15 years 1 month ago by FantabulousTennis

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hello william sisters, I think that you ladies are inspirations to many women around the world. I believe your up bringing was strong and most of all done the right way. I have been waiting on you ladies to bring your tour to Lansing,Mi so that I can personally get to meet you both. Their are alot of good Junior Tennis players that are in this City that would love to see you both. Please come to Lansing and made this young junior player dream come true by meeting you. She has a serious desire to be the world's best player and she is only thirteen. She has game but would have even more if she had the chance to talk too you sisters. Take care and keep inspiring people across the world. P.S Dad&Mom raised some very pretty and gifted young ladies.

Posted 15 years 4 months ago by rudi

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Hi serena,Just to let u in2 da good tots about ur nu affair. i thnk Common fits a perfect picture of a REAL MAN u nid i ur life. Ask me why? He's not excessive in outlook & lifestyle but Matured & Sofisticated. Career wise he's got; Real lyrics all da time. I guess u shuld av bin kickin' it b4 now Baby. Where were u looking at?Wishing u gr8t time 2gether.Ciao.Mudi

Posted 15 years 5 months ago by mudi mahmoud

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Hello Serena,i'm ur big fan,right 4rm Lagos - nigeria. Tha thing is that i was so happi to her that u anr Common r both kickin' it 2gether now. Lemme say dis baby, i think he's da Right guy 2 help u now at dis stage of ur life cos' most guys outthere might want to take undue chance with with ur cash. Going to the interview i read, that; u r not ok with Black brother taking advantage of Rich women, want to the MAN always & telling u ur bound and not able to support u in critcal time...stuffs like dat.Somehow i thnk Common fit da picture of a guy u really need to kick it with. Goodluck Baby.UrsMUDI,Lagos

Posted 15 years 5 months ago by mudi mahmoud

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Poor John McEnroe. He's still holding a grudge against the William sisters because they took the high road and shrugged off the 'Bobby Fisher/Billie Jean King' type match that he wanted to exploit from them. His recent comments were just another feable attempt by him to ride their backs for some cheap publicity. Not to mention a big 'payday' that he couldn't possibly win on his own merits. His constant negative comments about the Williams sisters who have never publicly said anything bad about him just shows that not only is he a bottom feeder, but it appears that he has a racist/sexist attitude towards the two women. These types of swipes at the Williams sisters leaves me to believe that he, like many of the other commentators in women's tennis (Mary Jo Fernandes, for one) will never conciously accept these two beautiful women into the world tennis' higharchy. These talented women have done nothing short of helping to invigorate a dull WTA. Women's Tennis is now worth watching again; a sport that McEnroe and other 'sideliners' are still financial benefiting from. I only have one thing to said to this 'closet biggot': YOU OWE THE WILLIAMS SISTERS AN APOLOGY. IF YOU DON'T FEEL IT NECESSARY TO DO SO, THEN MY ONLY OTHER ADVISE TO YOU IS TO "DON'T HATE THE PLAYERS; HATE THE GAME!!!"

Posted 16 years 11 months ago by SubaDread

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