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Serena Maneesh
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Serena Maneesh Serena-Maneesh Album

Norway's Serena Maneesh would have you believe that they embody the best qualities of all our avant-garde musical heroes of the last few decades, name checking the Velvet Underground and Sonic Youth in order to illustrate this.

They certainly manage to evoke memories of these heroes, although whether the final product is anywhere near as awe-inspiring is doubtful. SM manage to combine driving drums, buzz saw guitars with dreamy surfadelica and laid back vocals, rather like the Cocteau Twins jamming with the Jesus and Mary Chain.

Standout track is opener, Drain Cosmetics, which struts along with enough self-purpose to make you wish the rest of the album had this amount of Stones-esque bravado, which sadly it doesn't.

Rich Edge

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