Review of Still Searching Album by Senses Fail

Senses Fail
Still Searching
Album Review

Senses Fail Still Searching Album

Slightly angry melodic rock. Four word reviews may indeed be the way forward in a world that becomes dominated by a need for extreme economy. Somehow one feels the need to add a little more however, since this album may actually have some virtuous qualities lurking within it's shiny circular self.

It's not quite heavy enough to fall into the post hardcore genre, but you get the feeling that it yearns to be there. The album artwork for example hints visually at a darkness that doesn't exist in actuality.

The guitars have that curious mix of heaviness and melodic content that seem so prevalent these days, and the vocals manage to fall on the whining side of anger. Strangely a lot of the songs seem to be in the same key as well.

Senses Fail apparently lack nothing in terms of passion, energy and melody, but to be honest, four words really is enough to sum them up.

Rich Edge

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