Review of Sincerely Yours 2/5 EP Single by Senior Piccolino

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2. Senior Piccolino Sincerely Yours 2/5 EP (12" - (Klein) )
Senior Piccolino is the man responsible for the second in the series of Klein Records five monthly 12 releases. The point? They are all leading to a resultant Klein Records compilation album. Indeed, the first Klein Records compilation.

The idea of the five 12 releases is presumably to drum up interest for the album. Unfortunately, despite the nice packaging, the music does, at the end of the day, speak for itself. And the first EP by Mum wasnt speaking very loudly.

This one however is knocking the vocal up a few more decibels. The Ep, a heavily dub induced short player, keeps things on a sinister, dark tip throughout with touches of Massive Attacks Mezannine and the odd dab of electronica. A reason to roll a fat one if you like dat kinda ting.