Selma Blair is having an ''incredible'' time during self-isolation.

The 47-year-old actress insisted social distancing guidelines imposed to slow the spread of coronavirus have had little impact on the way she lives her life because she doesn't go out much due to having multiple sclerosis (MS), but she is enjoying being able to spend more time with her eight-year-old son Arthur.

Speaking to Miley Cyrus on her 'Bright Minded' webseries, she said: ''I've been pretty much in isolation for two years, because my physical issues make it harder to get out, harder to speak, all of these things. Now everyone's on this same daily trajectory I'm on.

''This is an incredible time for me, because I'm home, and to have my son home and to be able to have people understand.''

The 'Cruel Intentions' star urged people to ''be the best you you can be'' during this time of uncertainty.

She said: ''This moment is what we have. We hope for more.

''Be open but also really take this opportunity to be the best you you can be, to help your days along.''

And despite her medical condition making her more vulnerable to potential COVID-19 complications, Selma is just happy to live in the moment.

She said: ''I just really look in the moment, because now I'm a middle-aged woman with an incurable disease and it doesn't even matter.

''Anyone can be, God forbid, hit by a car on a Tuesday afternoon, so we all just really do what we can to enjoy this and help our children or parents or neighbours.''

Wednesday (01.04.20) marked the birthday of Selma's son's father, Jason Bleick, and she shared a touching tribute to the fashion designer on her Instagram account.

Posting a photo of Arthur and Jason together, she wrote: ''I'm so glad Arthur Saint has such a wrestling stud for a Pop. No April fools here. Have a vibrant and special day.''