Selena Gomez had the Beliebers foaming at the mouths this week after bringing up an anecdote about having made ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber cry. Gomez was visiting David Letterman on the Late Show to promote Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers, though conversation quickly turned to Justin, who's endured a rough couple of weeks.

The host started out by asking Selena if she was still with the newly appointed enfant terrible of the pop music world, to which she responded, "No, I'm single." Letterman recalled, "The last time he was on, he and I got into a conversation..and he said something, and I said something and he said something.and I said something.and I made him cry." After the laughter died down, Selena bluntly said, "Well that makes two of us," again, sending the live studio audience into hysterics. "That's pretty good! Pretty strong!" yelled Letterman. 

Of course, Justin's Twitter followers didn't see the funny side, not one bit. "ur immaturity is lower than ur album sales and that says a LOT sis" fumed one. "I'm not surprised Selena Gomez made Justin Bieber cry. She makes me cry every day," quipped another. 

Having escaped the shackles of being Justin Bieber's girlfriend, Selena Gomez is beginning to forge a serious career in the movie business and has been busy promoting Spring Breakers across the world. The movie - which hits cinemas later this month - follows James Franco as a shady drug dealer who takes a group of young girls under his wing. 

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