On Saturday night (January 19, 2013), Selena Gomez performed at a UNICEF benefit concert at the Best Buy theatre in New York. During her set, she performed a rather pertinent cover of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me A River.’ Now, Gomez might just have been spurred on by Timberlake’s recent decision to make a return to music, but we reckon that Selena had a certain someone in mind when she turned her eyes to the camera during this performance. And we reckon that certain someone is Justin Bieber

It might not be the strongest cover of ‘Cry Me A River,’ but she introduces it by saying “now this song really speaks to me,” before launching into the bitter break-up song, which lays the blame of a break-up squarely at the feet at the feet of whoever the song is being sung to. Selena seems to take particular joy in the line “oh, the damage is done, so I guess I’ll be leaving.” With a knowing smile, Selena delivers the lines of the song and the end she giggles and says “OK, enough of that.”

It’s not entirely clear why Selena and Justin finally went their separate ways, after a rocky few months, but there are reports out there that Justin was far from polite when the final nail was slammed into the coffin. Could it be that this was Selena’s way of getting her own back on him? And if Selena can really relate to the lyrics of the song, does that mean there was another girl involved? 

Watch Selena Gomez perform 'Cry Me A River'