Review of Ten Silver Drops Album by Secret Machines

Secret Machines
Ten Silver Drops

Secret Machines Ten Silver Drops Album

The Secret Machines' debut EP in 2000 (September 000) was a remarkable homage to David Bowie and to the emerging New York punk scene - still fresh today, it is topped only by their first full length album, Now Here Is Nowhere. Ten Silver Drops is eight songs only, again with Bowie very much in the grooves, adding maybe some Placebo or Interpol around the edges, but this trims away enough of the 'prog' excess of the first two discs to make a little gem of an album. Funky, driven, edgy and delicious rock, Ten Silver Drops is muscular, melodic, and powerful. It doesn't overdo any one element (staying nicely away from Krautrock and Pink Floyd epics), preferring a wonderful maturity. It is rewarding to hear a young, fashionable band improve with every release, and to hear them sound so in control of their sound.

Rating 8/10

Mike Rea

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