Review of Who Do We Care For? Single by Sebastien Grainger

Review of Sebastien Grainger's single 'Who Do We Care For?' released through Saddle Creek.

Sebastien Grainger Who Do We Care For? Single

As one half of the long-departed but never forgotten Death From Above 1979, Sebastien Grainger was always the most likely soul to follow the uncomplicated route of no holds barred rock and roll excess rather than cohort Jesse Keeler's more experimental dancefloor urges.

Here, Grainger seems caught between a rock and a deceptively harder place as 'Who Do We Care For?' veers through Super Furry Animals more straightforward territory into a world Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri once inhabited not so long ago. It's not so much a juggernaut ride, but more of point-to-point rally in one of those souped up Mini Coopers the average motorist curses every time one is left standing embarrassingly after the traffic lights change.

Zippy, unrefined, instinctively pleasing, and seemingly carefree. Whether Grainger and his backing band The Mountains will diversify towards more unpredictable pastures in the future remains to be seen, but for now 'Who Do We Care For?' isn't going to lose them any points on the credibility scale.

Dom Gourlay

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