Review of Songs For Elisabeth Album by Seasick Steve

This 7 track collection of songs from previous album sessions, represents Seasick Steve's 'alternative valentines gift', an interesting gift and one that's bound to spark an interesting reaction should it find itself as the 'alternative' to a box of chocolates or dinner. I wouldn't recommend going down this particular avenue, I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure women prefer jewellery to hobo albums. Fact.

The marketing concept behind this mini album may be ultimately flawed but the tracks themselves combine to make it a fine showcase of Seasick Steve's most heartfelt work. However, there are no tear jerker's here; Eight Ball is testament to this as it kicks the album off in modest style in which a typically bluesy intro is met by an echoed vocal to thrilling effect. Walking Man carries on this modest approach with the obedient lyrics 'you say jump, I say how high/my names Steve I'm the walking man'. Just Like a King is a far more flamboyant affair, indulgent solos are fused with short breaks for vocals 'I'm a prize fighter baby' before folding back into a blues jam. This before the album only 'new' track Ready For Love raps things up nicely with an array of loopy drums and vocoders.

Seasick Steve Songs For Elisabeth Album

At nearly 70 years old, Seasick Steve (Steve Wold) isn't doing too badly for himself at all, his last two albums have both made the top ten and he's played an array of festivals in the last two years including Hyde Park Calling. Despite his age, Songs for Elisabeth (sic) meanwhile represents an artist strangely at the peak of his career. Long may it continue.

Sam Marland


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