Seann William Scott is not a joker.

The 'Cop Out' actor - best known for his role as Stifler in comedy 'American Pie' - admits that contrary to popular belief, he was nothing like his big screen Alter Ego in his school days.

He said: "I think I'm getting the chance to be more of the fun high schooler by doing these movies. When I was in high school I was a super serious athlete. I wasn't fun at all. I was fun with my friends. I did instigate a lot of bad things , and never got in trouble."

He also compared himself to 'Usual Suspects' baddie Keyser Soze.

He added: "I was kind of the Keyser Soze of the group. But now I'm getting a chance to be an absolute idiot, and I'm 33."

Despite his reputation as a joker, Seann also claimed he has a tough time getting roles in comedy films because of the stiff competition from other actors.

He said in an interview with movie website Cinema Blend: "There's not that many good things out there. Even in the comedy world, it's tough. "You've got a whole new crop of guys now, the guys from 'The Hangover', they're on fire. I've got to wait until those guys pass up some movies. It's really competitive. I try to make the best of the opportunities that have been given to me."