Following the dismissal of Clayne Crawford from Fox action series 'Lethal Weapon' after alleged bad behaviour and difficulties with his co-lead Damon Wayans, it was announced that Seann William Scott would be joining Wayans to lead the show from its third season onwards. 

Seann William Scott will join season 3 of 'Lethal Weapon'Seann William Scott will join season 3 of 'Lethal Weapon'

To this point, not much had been revealed about Scott's character other than they would be working alongside Wayans' Sergeant Murtaugh, but a new report has given us some details about what we should expect from the 'American Pies' actor when he makes his series debut.

Deadline revealed that Scott will play war veteran Wesley Cole; a father who shares a child with an ex played by former 'Psych' star Maggie Lawson. Having "met in an active war zone years earlier", the pair had a "brief romance that resulted in a child."

It's going to be very interesting to see how their relationship and dynamic will play into the narrative of the new season, but what most of Scott's biggest fans will be looking forward to finding out is whether his personality will be one similar to the chaotic characters he has taken on in the past.

What we'll also be keeping our ears sharp for is just how Crawford's character Martin Riggs will be written out of the series. Completely changing the dynamic that has worked so well for two full seasons is a huge risk, but one that Fox has had to take if any of the reports of Crawford's bad behaviour are at all true. Let's hope it all comes together.

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We'll bring you more news surrounding the third season of 'Lethal Weapon' as and when we get it.