Seann William Scott has honoured his late father with a new tattoo.
The American Pie star was devastated when his dad passed away last year (07) and decided to pay tribute to him with a little skin art.
And Scott insists the design represents a very important time in his personal growth.
He adds, "My dad was dying and my mom had leukaemia. It was like, 'Oh my gosh, both my parents are sick.'
"Thank goodness my mum got healthy but unfortunately my father passed away a few months after that.
"It was a growing up time for me. Dealing with my father's death was an extraordinary experience. I wanted to do something that would make me feel good and symbolise something and this tattoo guy from Hawaii got my vibe and the idea of the flow of it.
"So these tattoos are all Polynesian symbols for my father and my family."