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4th April 2016

Quote: "He cut my part because I wasn't good at taking s**t, but that's the way the cookie crumbles." Actress Sean Young was cut from Oliver Stone's Wall Street, because the director didn't like her attitude.

3rd April 2016

Quote: "The Piano. I never got around to reading it and I was too busy flitting around my backyard in Sedona, Arizona, and they moved on before I got around to reading it. That was stupid. That was me being asleep at the wheel." Actress Sean Young reveals she missed out on Holly Hunter's Oscar-winning role in The Piano.

1st February 2008

Quote: "I hope she's ok. You know what, I didn't have anything interesting to say. I should pay her to come along to events with me." Julian Schnabel on his Director's Guild Awards heckler Sean Young, who has now checked into rehab.

18th September 2007

Quote: "(It was) a terrible movie, absolutely awful... I just don't want to do any more movies where I look at it and go, 'Oh, God, gross!'" BLADE RUNNER star Sean Young on her flop 1999 movie MOTEL BLUE, in which she played a sexually-confused scientist.

17th September 2007

Quote: "I'm not Julia Roberts, and I could have been." Blade Runner star Sean Young regrets not becoming a movie superstar.

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