Actress Sean Young claims she was forced out of her role in 1990 film DICK TRACY - after rebuffing the advances of leading man Warren Beatty.

The Wall Street beauty, 44, was cast in the role of Beatty's love interest TESS TRUEHEART in the comic book adaptation, but was replaced by actress GLENNE HEADLEY after she turned Warren down.

She fumes, "In the seven days we worked together, he just made advances.

"I was unresponsive and kept joking, 'Ha ha - what a ladies' man you are.' But I made it very clear to him that I wasn't interested."

At the time, the then-single Beatty said via his spokesperson, "I made a mistake casting Sean Young in the part and I felt very badly about it."

He went on to enjoy a short-lived romance with his other love interest Madonna, who played the vampish BREATHLESS MAHONEY.

21/07/2004 17:21