Sean Young has revisited the 1988 stalker controversy which she insists tarnished her reputation in a candid new magazine interview. The actress' The Boost co-star James Woods and his then-fiancee famously filed a $2 million (GBP1 million) harassment suit against Young, claiming she had taken her initial friendship with the actor too far. The one-time co-stars settled the suit out of court, but in a new Entertainment Weekly interview, Young still insists she wasn't at fault, claiming the legal spat started when she spurned Woods' advances on the set of The Boost. The Blade Runner actress tells the publication, "I was like, 'Jimmy, look, these are normal feelings, if we still feel this way in six months, we'll revisit the concept.' It was a crush being turned down, that's all. "It's so retardedly stupid that anyone could have believed it." When Woods heard about the publication's planned Young interview he fired off a series of angry emails to editors, claiming the actress perpetrated a "jihad of terror" against him and threatening to sue the magazine. His attorney tells Entertainment Weekly the correspondence was sent editors by mistake, adding, "These incidents took place over 20 years ago, and (he has) moved on and would suggest Ms. Young do the same." But the actress insists she has struggled to move on with her career since the high-profile controversy - because all anyone wants to talk about at auditions is her battle with Woods. She adds, "For years every time I would go to an audition, I'd hear, 'So, what about this James Woods stuff?' So I didn't audition well. "When you have your reputation wrecked, then you go in to prove yourself, it's really not the same game." Young admits she eventually felt so "frustrated and needy" she took drama classes focused on how to cope in difficult auditions, and now she's determined to make a movie comeback after a series of forgettable TV roles: "No one deserves it more than I do."