Sean Stewart has defended his relationship with Adrienne Maloof after being questioned about the age difference between he and Maloof, arguing that saying there's a problem is sexist.

Son of Rod Stewart and Alana Hamilton, Sean Stewart appeared in Sons of Hollywood and there made his modest fame. He's currently dating another reality TV star Adrienne Maloof who appeared in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - although she's no longer a wife of anyone having divorced Paul Nassif last year. 

There had been some false reports that Stewart had moved in with Maloof, who is a successful business woman. However, as he told TMZ, "I actually have my own place." Perhaps because he's "very happy" with Maloof, he was happy to talk about their relationship. "She's a very very very good lady," he said. 

When questioned about the pretty big, but not unheard of age difference, he got defensive. "If men can date younger women, why can't an older woman date a younger man? It's sexist." He added, "It's about the person she is inside. Age is just a number. If there's a connection and someone cares about a person, that's what matters really."

Right on Stewart, you tell 'em. 51's the new 31 anyway, and with plastic surgery as good as it is these days, Maloof could probably pass as that. We wish good luck to the couple.