Sean Paul thinks his love of swimming has helped to fuel his music success.

The 48-year-old star is the son of champion swimmers Garth and Frances Henriques, and he believes that his own passion for the sport has benefited him during his music career.

The 'Temperature' hitmaker - who admits that swimming was his childhood passion - shared: "Well, it gave me big lungs!

"When I’m swimming, it’s like a trance. Your heart is flowing and your brain is receiving new oxygen and fresh blood all the time when you’re training, so funnily enough I think it does help."

Sean has loved spending time at home in Jamaica amid the coronavirus pandemic.

However, he's admitted to being worried about the impact of climate change on the island.

He told The Independent: "I’ve seen climate change first-hand here. There are beaches I know that have receded 20 feet. In some places there’s no sand, there’s no beach anymore."

Meanwhile, Sean previously admitted he felt unsure of his place in the world during his childhood.

He explained: "Growing up in Jamaica, I always kind of felt like I didn't belong.

"I was a middle class kid. I went to a very upper class school and everybody who went there would go to Miami on school breaks. I never did. They would all come back with all kinds of gadgets and stuff, and so I didn't feel like I belonged fully in that community.

"And then also as a kid, growing up, you see poor people and you also feel you don't belong around them either because you don't have it as hard as they do.

"To write songs where it would be accepted by a culture was my way of being included in the culture. To feel that I belonged."