In their promo, Leigh-Anne is scrolling through her Instagram feed when she spots her man, played by Sean Paul, snuggling up to another woman. She then calls up her friends in a Mean Girls-style four-way phone call for a slumber party to cheer her up and help her "get him out my hair".

They drink cocktails, eat pizza and when Leigh-Anne begins to cry, they encourage her to sing and dance with them into hairbrush microphones in a moment reminiscent of Tom Cruise's 1983 movie Risky Business.

They also dance around on a bed, glam up in front of a mirror and try on outfits, until Sean calls Leigh-Anne on iPhone app FaceTime and asks for her back in his cameo, before Jade Thirlwall grabs the phone off her and ditches it.

The girls wear a variety of revealing sleep wear in the video, with Perrie and Leigh-Anne in lace bras and blue silk jackets and shorts, Jade in a more modest pink version with longer shorts and knee high black socks, and Jesy in a black playsuit with lace robe.

Sean is not the only one with a cameo role in the video - the girls' dogs also had parts. Leigh-Anne brought along her pug Harvey along to the shoot and Perrie brought her Pomeranian Hatchi. They both reportedly "insisted" on their involvement.

Little Mix shot the video in March (16) during downtime from their Get Weird tour. Jesy was nursing a wrist injury and wearing a supportive brace at the time, but it does not appear to affect her performance in the promo.

The group had to cancel two shows in Belfast, Northern Ireland because Jesy was unwell and unable to sing last month (Mar16). Their tour continues in Liverpool, England on Thursday (21Apr16).