Sean Paul never wants to collaborate with Honey G.

The 'Shake That Thing' hitmaker - who appeared on 'The X Factor' results show on Sunday (27.11.16) - has admitted he has no interest in joining forces with the artist, who was booted off the talent show over the weekend after a showdown with boy band 5 After Midnight, and would rather appear in a takeaway advert than duet with the budding star.

Speaking to Tom Green on The Hits Radio breakfast show, the 43-year-old musician said: ''Um, I've always loved that rhythm ... ha ha!

''Remember that ad you wanted me to do for Kentucky? I would probably do that quicker.''

However, Honey G - whose real name is Anna Georgette Gilford - has revealed she only ever went on the programme so she could land a record deal with Simon Cowell.

She explained: ''I entered 'The X Factor' because I wanted a record deal. I'm not really interested in anything else apart from getting signed to get a record deal. Obviously, with Syco, I know the team really well. We get on really well so it would be lovely to be signed by them because the relationship is already formed.''