Sean Paul said he's done everything he can in dancehall music.

The Jamaican star - best known for dancehall and reggae hits such as 'Gimme the Light' and 'Got 2 Luv U' - is hoping to branch out and work with more mainstream producers.

He told website ''I have reached a point where I don't have to prove myself to anybody in dancehall or reggae music. I'm up there with the best of them, so right now I'm just expanding. I'm trying to bridge the gap, broaden my artistry.''

The 39-year-old worked with Swedish production team Stargate and other international producers on his recent fifth studio album, 'Tomahawk Technique', so it would sound more ''international''.

He added: ''I noticed that of late a lot of pop music has had dancehall influences, so I asked some big name producers like Stargate, Rico Love, DJ Ammo and Benny Blanco to make their interpretation of a dancehall beat.''

The 'She Doesn't Mind' singer's is also conscious that his biggest hits have been collaborations with other stars such as when he worked with Beyonce, 31, on her 2003 single, 'Baby Boy'.

He said: ''I've always said two is better than one. Collaborating helps creative exchanges happen and helps take the tempo to a different level altogether.''

''I have however noticed that most of my biggest hits are with women artists - Blu Cantrell, Beyoncé, Keyshia Cole, Alexis Jordan. So, it's all about the chemistry and I am a lucky man. Collaboration is the best way to expand.''

Sean recently collaborated with former 'X Factor' judge Kelly Rowland, 31, on 'How Deep is Your Love'.