Sean Kingston, who was accused of gang rape in 2010, has reportedly settled with his 22-year-old accuser. According to TMZ, the singer settled not as an admission of guilt, but because he did not want to balance his pending album release and tour with the trouble of a messy civil suit. While the exact amount of the settlement was not announced, sources close to Kingston told the website that it was just “a fraction of what [the alleged victim] asked.”

Sean Kingston, Ditch Pool and Day Club
Kingston settled only to avoid going through the trouble of a trial, he says.

According to TMZ, Kingston has admitted to having sex with the young lady, who was 19 at the time of the events. However, according to one unnamed source, the woman did not have a solid enough case to win, even if the suit did go to court.

Sean Kingston, Ditch Pool and Day Club
Kingston is just about to release his new album "Back 2 Life."

"Her story wasn't consistent. She told various stories throughout her interviews with police. Her friend's story wasn't consistent with hers. The medical report had no indications of force,” the source said.

Sean Kingston, Ditch Pool and Day Club
No tour dates have been announced at this point.

Earlier, TMZ reported that the accuser claimed that she had been invited to a meet and greet with Kingston at his hotel room back in July of 2010. When she arrived, however, Kingston was waiting naked in bed. According to her claims, the performer’s bodyguard picked her up and placed her on top of Kingston, before all three men in the room proceeded to rape her. Her account also states that she was intoxicated and therefore unable to give consent at the time. After Kingston’s payout, however, the court is expected to dismiss the case shortly.

Sean Kingston, BMI R&B Hip Hop Awards
The accuser settled for a fraction of her original claim, TMZ reports.