The Beautiful Girls hitmaker came under fire when an image of Gavin Joseph from Illinois, who had been badly beaten up, appeared on his social media profile with the caption, "Tip of the day: If you start a fight, You better know how to fight or this will be happen! Pic#4 is insane! Ha!"

Kingston's fans were quick to criticise the star for his apparent insensitivity, but he has now spoken out to insist he had nothing to do with the post because his Facebook profile is controlled by a third party.

In a post on, the singer writes, "Just wanna apologise to Gavin and his family... My Facebook is not run by me!!... This is the 2nd (sic) time something like this happened... And it hurts... Cause anyone and anybody that knows me know (sic) I'm far from that type of person... So from now on I'll post my own stuff... Bless."

The picture of Joseph was initially posted online by his mother who wanted to show the world how badly her son had been treated because of his condition.