The BROTHERS GRIMM FAIRY TALES are set to be spun in a gruesome way, according to 'Will and Grace' star Sean Hayes. Hayes' new show, 'Grimm', in which he is executive producer, will bring back the original fairy tales but place them within a modern context.
Talking to New York Magazine's Vulture, Hayes said: "Most of the original fairy tales are actually really gruesome - very violent, very sexual. So we're exposing the truth of them. When Disney took over fairy tales, they were all cutesy and wonderful and very childlike, very positive. It was brilliant, but it wasn't the truth of them. People actually die, and they weren't about happy endings. And now, since life sucks for a lot of people, a lot of the content on TV and film reflects that, so we're a sign of the times." Within the show, the lead character is a homicide detective who must slay the antagonists of these stories. Hayes further elaborated: "I loved 'The X-Files'. The suspense of that show every single week, that's something we want to emulate. We aspire to replicate that tonally and story-wise."
Sean Hayes had previously worked as producer on the hit show 'Hot in Cleveland'. Other fairy tale adaptations set for this year include ABC's drama 'Once Upon a Time' and two film adaptations of Snow White, scheduled for release next year.