The Bad Boy Records boss took to on Thursday (23Jul15) soon after the procedure, posting a photograph of himself being pushed in a wheelchair and holding crutches in his left hand.

He wrote, "Fresh outta knee surgery!!! Been putting it off for 2 years, this s**t hurts like a motherf**ker! Shoutout to my doctor, Dr. Ahluwalia, I hope you did a great job, LOL (laugh out loud)!!"

Dr. Sonu Ahluwalia is an orthopaedic surgeon based in Los Angeles, and has treated several professional athletes from U.S. baseball, football and hockey teams.

News of Combs' surgery comes weeks after the rapper took a tumble into a hole in the stage while performing at the BET Awards in June (15). The rapper jumped right back up following the fall, insisting he was not injured. He later wrote on Instagram, "I was getting so loose I fell! LOL (laugh out loud), but really though I busted my a**!

"If you ever fall down, get your a** up and fight!!!!!!! But really though, I crack up every time I see this s**t! It's like I f**king disappeared. Haaaaaa!!!! I was scared as f**k but I had to get up!"