P. Diddy is being sued for age discrimination.

Francesca Spero - who claims she launched the hip-hop mogul's career - is suing him for $12 million, alleging she was sacked by his firm Bad Boy for being old and disabled, after she was laid up with hip surgery in 2008.

According to the 51 year old's legal claim, Diddy - real name Sean Combs - was "unsympathetic to her condition" and tried to push her out of The Company.

In March 2010, she was fired and replaced by a woman much younger who "lacked the skill set and experience Spero brought to the position".

Her lawyer Laurie Berke-Weiss said: "Francesca Spero opened the door for Combs' career and, now that she's 51, he showed her the door at Bad Boy."

Spero says she first met Diddy in 1998, but didn't start working for him until 10 years later when she helped him sign new song writers, get music clearances for corporate endorsements, execute Bad Boy's $38 million deal with Warner Brothers and produce the MTV reality show 'Making the Band'.

However, according to her lawsuit, after surgery to treat a hip misalignment, he allegedly said she earned too much money for "someone who could no longer keep up with his fast-paced lifestyle" and fired her.

Spero also admitted to checking herself into a substance abuse treatment facility in December 2008 after problems with prescription pain killers and alcohol.

However, she insisted she had been clean and sober from 1987 until two years ago after being treated for opiate addiction.

Diddy's spokesperson could not be reached for comment.